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Antlers are so versatile and make a strong statement when used in designing your living space.  All our products are made from 100% real shed antlers.  These antler creations make great gifts!


The antler wine racks are made primarily from whitetail antlers since their natural curve and tine placement makes perfect bottle holders.  We hand pick all our antlers, many which we find in the woods ourselves.   Antler bottle stoppers, corkscrews, and bottle openers have the option of having tracks carved in the base. We will carve deer, elk, moose, bear, or wolf tracks.

 Whitetail deer antler wine rack.  Made from real whitetail antler sheds that holds two wine bottles. 
(other sizes available upon request)

Corkscrew, bottle opener, and wine bottle stoppers available as a set for


Whitetail deer antler wine rack.  Made from five naturally shed whitetail antlers that holds four wine bottles.

Whitetail deer antler tip wine bottle stoppers with carved tracks of bear, wolf, and deer. Stainless steel base not included.

Whitetail antler stainless steel wine bottle stoppers.  Set of three wine bottle stoppers with naturally shed antler base. Stainless steel base not included.

Whitetail antler bottle stopper with deer, bear, or wolf tracks carved into burr. Stainless steel base not included.




 Whitetail deer antler corkscrew without foil cutter.   Made from naturally shed deer antler base.

With tracks

Wine accessories with a whitetail antler two bottle wine rack for a total of $258.


Whitetail deer antler bottle and can opener.  Made from a shed antler base.

With tracks





Our antler coat racks can be made from moose, elk, caribou, or deer antler.    Scrimshaw is available on any antler piece; if you have a specific design let us know! We use heavy iron hooks with our coat racks. 


Elk antler coat rack with scrimshaw of two bull elk; carved elk tracks running up tine.


Elk antler coat rack with scrimshaw of bull elk and two cow elk. 



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