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Alaska Antler Works specializes in custom scrimshaw pieces as well as antler carving.  Antler in and of itself is an art form.  Working with it is a joy and creating unique pieces for your home is our pleasure.  Most of our pieces are  custom orders.  Due to the large volume of orders we've been receiving we've been slowed in creating available products.  Most orders can be completed within two weeks depending on complexity and size of scrimshaw or carving.  Please call us with any questions~!


Three Sockeye Salmon carved into moose antler paddle. 
Total width is 27" and height is 18"


Carving of two bears fishing, with an eagle carved in antler base, on customer's moose antler.  Mounted walnut and African mahogany base.



Bull moose carving from moose antler mounted on a wooden base.
Size: 10"w x 5"h
$375.00  Sold


Antler carving of bull moose and cow moose on fresh moose antler shed.
$475- Sold


Bull moose, elk, and bear carving in moose antler mounted on a wooden base.
Size: 15"h x 15"w
$525 - Sold

This is a unique custom scrimshaw order we received done on a customers moose paddle.  The scrimshaw of team ropers catches all the action of the sport.


Our moose antler eagle carvings capture the raw beauty and wild grace of our national bird.  Bald and golden eagles are plentiful in Alaska. Moose antlers have a natural shape to mimic the flight of an eagle. 

Eagle head carved in base of moose antler. Varying sizes of moose antler available.

Click  to see some moose antler available for eagle carvings



Custom ordered scrimshaw of two whitetail deer on medium moose paddle, with fence scrimshaw and tree with a couples initials carved.


Scrimshaw of dall sheep ram on natural shed moose antler, mounted on lace wood base.


Scrimshaw of three bull elk, the majestic bull in the center captures the scene.  Anyone who has stood near a rutting bull can almost hear the bugling.


Bugling bull elk with two cows scrimshawed on naturally shed moose antler. Mounted on jatoba wood base.


Colored scrimshaw of musk ox on small self standing moose antler.



Scrimshaw of three bull elk on large six point elk shed. Antler mounted on canary and cocabolo wood.




Eskimo snow goggles. Made from caribou antler.



Colored scrimshaw of Dall sheep on caribou antler top. Mounted on soapstone base. $500.00


Scrimshaw of bear on caribou antler with bear tracks.


Two bull moose scrimshawed on caribou antler top.  Mounted on bloodwood.


Scrimshaw of bull moose with brown bear in background. Mounted on soap stone.


Scrimshaw by request for newborn baby boy! Bedded down bull moose with sign showing birth date information on moose antler shed found in Chugach Mountains, AK.


Scrimshaw of fisherman and boy with wolf in background. Mounted on soap stone.


Custom scrimshaw of non-typical mule deer with doe on large mule deer antler shed.   


Scrimshaw of fisherman and bear mounted on soap stone. Bear tracks carved into soap stone.


Scrimshaw of two bull caribou from the Kenai Lowlands Herd on a caribou antler top; mounted on canary wood.


Scrimshaw on caribou antler top with wooden base.

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